Which Advanced Password Manager to use?

If you are looking for the password manager called ‘Advanced Password Manager’, please note that it has been audited by several companies, and classified as a potential unwanted software,  which usually comes bundled with other freeware downloaded. However, if you want to see some actual Advanced Password Managers, we have you covered!

Dashlane - Great Free version, Full of features, and VPN included with premium plans.

Dashlane is Privacy Heaven’s favourite password manager, and for good reason! It is a great password manager, but it has awesome features such as: 


Password Changer: It automatically changes your passwords when you request it with several sites and services

Dark Web Monitoring: This is a premium-only feature: What it does is basically constantly searching the web, and alerting you when your passwords or personal information is being used. This is extremely useful to be up-to-date with your personal security

VPN: Premium-only feature: Dashlane gives paying customers a fully-operational VPN, which is not the best VPN we’ve ever tried, but it certainly does the job. A very useful feature if you’re using a lot of unsecured Wi-fi hotspots, or want to hide your activity from your ISP. 

Emergency Contact: You can designate an emergency contact with Dashlane: this person is allowed to access your secrets when something happens to you. 

Automatic form filling: Do you hate filling out Forms? Dashlane can help you with that! No more time wasted.

Interested in checking Dashlane out? Good news is that it has a very decent free plan, so you can try this advanced password manager out and even get a month of premium trial (by the way, the free version will still work after the trial period.

Roboform - Advanced Form filling

Roboform logoRoboform by itself is a very decent password manager, but which makes it stand above the crowd is their super-advanced form-filling capabilities: You can really customize every data field. 

Other than that, there are a few noteworthy features: 

Offline-only storage: Although Roboform is a cloud password manager (like almost all password managers we’ve tested), they have an offline-only option for their desktop and mobile clients. 

Emergency Access feature is very similar to Dashlane’s solution. 

Bookmark management feature: Doing it is easy in a safe environment. 

Roboform is not as aesthetically pleasing as Dashlane, but provides great features for a very reasonable price. Want to give it a spin? Check out Roboform here!

LastPass - Great Features and aesthetically pleasing

LastPass is probably the most known password manager. It had its share of bad PR with its data breach incidents in 2015, but overall, LastPass is a great service with a lot of great features. 

What we particularly liked is the type of notes you can keep: From Drivers Licence to Social Security number, LastPass has several categories, but even if it’s not there, you can make your own customized secure note. 

Other than that, we really liked the following: 

Password Changer: Similar to Dashlane’s solution

The usability and layout of the mobile app: Dashlane is a bit better, but overall, it’s great!

Emergency contact: As described before, you can designate an emergency contant, if you’re not able to reach the service. 

Dark Web monitoring

If you’re interested in LastPass,  give it a try.

Other noteworthy Advanced Password Managers

Keeper for it’s overall very solid features and it’s patented Breachwatch feature

1password for it’s unique security features

NordPass for it’s very intuitive user interface and it’s new features coming out by the day 

Actually every password manager which are on our Best Password Manager roundup is advanced and secure, and all of them provide bulletproof encryption, password generators, password sharing and multiple device sync (at least in the paid tier), which are all necessary to stay in the game in this crowded space, but if you want to hear our opinion…

Overall recommendation for Advanced Password Manager

Based on our extensive research we found Dashlane to be the most advanced password manager (for now) – and that’s mainly because of the security, the added VPN, and the dark web scanning features. Give Dashlane a try to find it out yourself.

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Did you Know

That Dashlane's free version covers all your Password Manager needs... and it's free?

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