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It is overwhelmingly difficult to choose to correct Password Manager for Android, there are seemingly dozens and dozens of apps available on the Play Store, all of them having great review scores – but just because the rating is good, that does not mean that the password manager is good, or secure enough. In this Post, we’ll list the top Android Password Managers, tried and tested by the good folks of Privacyheaven team.

Not Having Much Time? Here are the Top 3


Best Free Tier
$ 0
Free Tier Available
  • Patented Security
  • Zero-Knowledge protocol
  • Very intuitive to use
  • Password Changer
  • Form Filling
Best Overall


Best Option if you want a lot of features for a great price
$ 0
Free tier available
  • Extremely Good Form Filling
  • Great looking Android app
  • Zero-knowledge architecture
Second best

Sticky Password

Coveted developers
$ 0
Free tier available
  • Reasonable Premium Plan
  • Unique approach to security
  • Easy Password Sharing

What were we looking at, when selecting the Best Android Password Managers

The Top 3 Password Managers for Android detailed

The Best Overall Password Manager for Android: Dashlane



Dashlane evaluation:

If you want to have the best password manager available, it is Dashlane, Hands down. Not only it is available for all important and popular platforms, it has some unique features (Like the Password Changer, so you don’t have to do it manually for all the sites), it is very easy to use, and it’s paid version comes with a built-in VPN. The Security dashboard is also a great feature to have, it scans the dark web for any compromised passwords. If you want to use it for free on your android device, the only limitation is the number of passwords you can store: It caps out at 50. However, we recommend Dashlane for the Android users at the first place for its other qualities.

Number 2 for Password Managers for Android: Roboform



Roboform evaluation:

What we really liked about RoboForm (besides the very reasonable price tag) is the emergency access and password sharing function:The first is about sharing your credentials in case of incapacitation, the second is securely sharing an account credential with someone else (e.g. your Netflix account). Form filling and logins on sites are a breeze, and the encryption is very strong, so there is very little reason not to love RoboForm. In fact, their Android app is even a bit better than the desktop version, it looks and feels great.

Number 3 for Android Password Managers: Sticky Password

Works on


Sticky Password evaluation:

The Developers of Sticky Password come from Czechia, and have been working at places like coveted Antivirus companies like AVG and Eset.
The great thing about Sticky Password (besides the awesome AES-256 encryption, or the easy-to use apps) is that you can sync your devices via Local Wi-fi, so your login credentials will never hop through cloud. The pricing is also very reasonable, but the free version also works – unlimited passwords on one device There is one thing which we are not happy about – Sticky Password is not available for Linux devices, but we guess that is relevant for only a small portion of our readers, and certainly not for Android users.

How to get the best price?

It is very simple – the more you are willing to commit to, the less you pay on a monthly basis. We have the best deals available, and as you can see, in some cases, you could save up to 80% if you subscribe to a 3 year period.Please also beware: Some providers offer Lifetime subscriptions, but be sure that the company is trustworthy and does not disappear in 1 or 2 years.

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