Sticky Password Review

When developers from coveted cybersecurity companies like ESET and AVG start working on something new, it’s always worth checking out the result. Sticky Password is one of the top Password Managers in our comparison guide, but here we would like to deep-dive into the details – Is it worth it? We will find it out in this Manatee-loving Sticky Password Review!

Sticky Password Features

Score: 91/100
Features 91%
Sticky Password’s Password Generator – Just one of the many features.

What we expect from all Password managers (Auto Fills, Application support, Password Generator) is included in Sticky Password, and is working seamlessly. However, Sticky Password has some pretty unique features which make it stand above most of the competitors:

USB Export – You can export your passwords to a USB-stick of your choice, and this can be only accessed by your master password which you set when installing Sticky Password: This is a very useful way to have your login credentials handy in all environments

Wifi Sync : Instead of cloud syncing across your devices, Sticky Password has the option to sync the passwords and credentials on a local Wifi Network, so if you have a safe home / work environment, this is a great way to add an extra layer of security. 

Browser support: This is even better than expected. 16 Browsers are supported with Extensions, even the ones that are not very mainstream (like Pale Moon or SeaMonkey)

Multi-device Sync: As expected, Multi-device sync comes with the premium plan, but if you download the free version, you’ll get 30 days of Premium for free, so we suggest giving it a spin. 

Linux: Unfortunately there is no Linux support for Sticky Password.

Identities: For form filling, you can add anything from Name to Credit card number. Works as expected. You can of course use multiple identities. 

Security Dashboard: This is very handy to know which passwords you need to change, and are there any weak passwords amongst the ones you have added to Sticky Password. It’s not as comprehensive as Dashlane’s version, so no Dark-Web scan, and there is no Bulk Password change feature, but we like the clear picture it gives at a glance. 

Sticky Password Security

Score: 95/100
Security 95%
Sticky Passwords’s security dashboard

At the first look, Sticky Password uses AES-256 bit encryption, which is pretty much an Industry standard nowadays. As we already laid it out in our Dashlane review, it would theoretically  take billions and billons of years to crack the keys. 

Sticky Password also has a Zero-Knowledge policy, which means the user, and only the user (you) know the master password. This is a very good thing!

2FA options are available, though limited. Sticky Password works together with Google Authenticator, which is a pretty neat and expected option, but for the first factor, you can also authenticate via Bluetooth and USB devices instead of a master password. 

We have touched Wifi-syncing before, but it’s also important to mention that with Sticky Password gives you the option to disable cloud syncing altogether, so your master password is only available on your device. 

Overall, robust security features are available with AES-256 and Sticky Password’s unique approach, which puts it in the top-tier of Password managers, when talking about security. 

Sticky Password Price

Score: 95/100
Price 95%

Pricing is pretty simple and straightforward. Either you use the Free tier ( which has no multi-device sync) for Free (with 30 days of Premium included), or pay $29.99 per year for Premium, ($14.99 with us, at a 50% discount) which is a very decent price for a Password manager which has so many features. If you are, however, willing to have a lifetime subscription, You can do it with Sticky Password: Currently, the cost of the lifetime membership is $199.99, (but you can get it at a 50% discount with us) which seems high at the first glance, but bear in mind – you have to pay this only once. 

Usability of Sticky Password

Score: 85/100
Usability 85%
The handy password import function of Sticky Password

Sticky Password is available for Mac, PC-s, iOS and Android, and support a huge amount of browsers. The only thing which is missing is the Linux client.

When installing, Sticky Password prompts you to install the browser addons immediately, and then proceeds with setting up your form autofills. While these features are not unusual, it’s great that Sticky Password guides you during installation, so you don’t have to deal with this later. 

You can import your passwords in various ways, from browser and other sources as well.  The imported entries are very chaotic at first (just a big list), but you can order the entries into groups to ease your job. 

About Form fills: Usually, Sticky Password has no issues, but for non-standard forms, things can get messed up. You can alleviate this with creating a new ‘account’, and define things as they should be. 

The user interface is okay, not stellar or hot like Dashlane’s, but it does the job well.

Support at Sticky Password

Score: 84/100
Support 84%

There is only email support available for Sticky Password, and it’s not 24/7 either – This means (even for premium) if you run into issues on the weekend, you’ll have to wait till Monday to get a reply. While this is by itself not positive, it is still above the support level which most Password Manager services do. 

If you want a quick fix, you can check Sticky Password’s Help Center, which is a great source for generic troubleshooting, or check out the forums, also containing a lot of information. 

While we are generally satisfied, Phone or Chat support (maybe even 24/7?) would be needed to get a better mark. 

Sticky Password Review - Final Verdict

Sticky Password Result: 4.5/5
Features 91%
Security 95%
Price 95%
Usability 85%
Support 84%

Sticky Password seems to be at a sweet spot : The price is just right, the features are great, the security is awesome, and well… Manatees. Though it’s not our first choice when it comes to Password Managers, if you’re looking for a cheap and very decent service, Sticky Password may be just the right thing for you. 

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