Roboform Review

When you want a password manager Roboform is always one of the options which present itself to you. Arguably, they are one of the oldest kids in the block, and have a lot to offer for a reasonable price. In this Roboform review, we’ll see how these efforts play out.

Roboform's Features

Score: 91/100
Features 91%
Simple but effective Password Generator in Roboform

Roboform provides all necessary services which we expect from a password manager: Password Storage, Credit Card Safe, Contacts, Identities, Notes – It’s all covered. It is very unique how Roboform handles Bookmark storage: You can save bookmarks with the browser toolbar, and then you can access these bookmarks from any browser.

The folder system allows you to share a set of passwords with another Roboform user safely, this is great for entertainment services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, where logins are shared. 

Emergency contacts are a nice touch too: If you are not logging in to Roboform for a self-defined time, the passwords are shared with the user you specify. 

Availability is great: Roboform has native solutions for Windows, Mac, Chromebook(!), Android and iOS, and Linux too, which is great to see. 

Offline password access is available, so if you are not the ‘Cloud person’, you can store your passwords encrypted on your device. 

Browser addons are supported for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, and password import is very easy through the browser addons. You can of course migrate easily from other password managers too. 

The Free version of Roboform does not provide multi-device sync, but we got accustomed to this, so it’s not a con in our review.  

All in all, Roboform has a plethora of features, and while it’s not as user friendly as, for example, Dashlane (more on that later) or Keeper, We are very satisfied with Roboform regarding its features.

Roboform Review: Security

Score: 91/100
Security 91%
Roboform Security Dashboard – Missing some features, but great overall

Industry standard AES-256 Encryption – That’s what Roboform offers to it’s users – and this aligns with other password managers out there, and is considered extremely safe. What we also like: Roboform is a Zero-Knowledge Provider (like Dashlane or Sticky Notes), which means they don’t know your master password, it’s only you. This also means that if you forget your password (the only one which you have to remember) You have no way to fully restore your account with all the passwords saved, but all in all, we prefer this solution.

2-Factor Authentication: Not enabled by default, but you can easily flip a switch, and Roboform works together with Google Authenticator. This is Great! What is missing is the support for other Authenticators, and physical solutions like Yubikey, but this is something which most password managers are not tackling at the moment. 

There is a security dashboard, and this shows you your overall password strength – While this is a good feature, the great thing is is recognizing Duplicate entries – Something unique, which we haven’t seen yet with others. 

All in all, Roboform’s security solutions are great, and should suffice for most of the personal and business users out there. 

Roboform Price

Score: 91/100
Price 91%

Pricing is reasonable, and Roboform tries to cater for most needs. Unsurprisingly, the Free Plan is free, but it does not allow multi-device syncing, but no complains from our side, it’s what most password managers do too.

If you upgrade to Roboform Everywhere, there is multi-device sync available, and also, this price is very reasonable: If you subscribe for one year, it will cost you $23.88 per year ($1.99 per month), and interestingly, it does not get lower if you commit to more time (at least at the time of the writing). However, there is a promotion currently running, which means that you can get 25% off if you purchase the product till 1st of November. That’s a very good offer. 

Business offers and Family offers get more expensive, but this is the case with most password managers out there. 

Usability of Roboform

Score: 80/100
Usability 80%
Identity Management in Roboform is awesome, but sometimes it looks complicated.

With many features come a huge amount of complexity – And it’s very hard to keep the software simple. We have the feeling that Roboform wanted to show everything at the same time, and this means that the user interface is a bit cluttered, and not very straightforward in some cases, especially when it comes to more advanced features. 

That being said, importing passwords and credentials are very easy. 

Roboform shines in automated form fillings – we have not encountered a single misfill during our test.  

All in all, a bit of revamping should do wonders to the user experience, but we find Roboform’s usability good, especially if you are an advanced user. 

Support at Roboform

Score: 90/100
Support 90%

Support is where most password managers fail, but this is not the case with Roboform. With a great Starter Guide, and info-filled Help Center, you should be able to fix your issues easily. Email support is great too – We have received a response from the team in 67 minutes and 62 minutes to our question – This is the fastest response time we have measured yet. However, this was on weekdays. 

Chat support is available too for a separate subscription. 

What is very interesting, is that Roboform supports Phone callbacks – So if you request a contact, a representative will call you back shortly. This is something which is very rare for Password Managers. 

Overall, we find Roboform support exemplary, but a 24/7 availability would yield a perfect score.

Roboform Review - Final Verdict

Roboform Result: 4.43/5
Features 91%
Security 91%
Price 91%
Usability 80%
Support 90%

Roboform is a great product, has a lot of features, and a bang for your buck. The only thing which does not make it our top product is the complicated user interface, and the fact that it is not the cheapest solution on the market – but if you want a feature-packed and awesome product from a developer team which has been around for years and years, our suggestion is to try it out free, and decide for yourself.


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