Remembear Review

Rawr! From the makers of TunnelBear, a ridiculously cute VPN app, comes RememBear, the company’s further venture into cybersecurity. In this RememBear review, we shall se how these efforts have paid off.

RememBear's Features

Score: 78/100
Features 78%
Remembear illustrates your password strength!

RememBear tries to focus on a few things, and make them as useable as possible. This is not a service with a lot of bells and whistles, so not too many unique features, but what’s actually available, is rock solid. Firstly, Remembear is available on iOS, Android, Mac and PC, and browser companion add-ons for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Importing your passwords is a breeze, and there is a password generator as well (in the add-ons). You can also keep your Credit Cards, and Secure Notes in Remembear, but there is no sharing option unfortunately. The Paid versions come with multi-device sync, the free tier unfortunately does not have this ability, although when you sign up, you’ll get 30 days free Premium access. No Security Center is available, which is a sore thumb (Dashlane, 1Password and many others have services like this), and would be great from an education point of view, since this app was clearly meant for the technologically less Savvy. 

However, Simplicity is also a feature, and Remembear shines at it. 

RememBear Security

Score: 94/100
Security 94%

Despite the relative lack of features, RememBear actually has sound security measures in place. It uses a similar solution to 1Password, so you need a master password AND a device key to gain access to your vault on a new device. Also, RememBear is  a Zero-Knowledge provider, so your master password is never shared with RememBear, so you are the only one who knows it. 

Regarding further security measures, RememBear uses end-to-end AES-256-bit encryption, which is an Industry Standard, and considered very secure. 

Finally, after a long wait, Remembear introduced 2FA  (two-factor authentication) in 2019, a thing we were concerned of in the past. 

Overall, Remembear’s security is top-notch, the only thing we are missing is a ‘Security Dashboard’ of some sort, and support for hardware keys like Yubikey. 

RememBear Price

Score: 87/100
Price 87%

In contrast to other Password Managers, Pricing with Remembear is super simple: The free plan is obviously free, and lacks multi-device sync and backup. The paid tier is $3.00 per month, and contains these features, plus priority support. This price is in the range of the average Password Manager price, but if you are in it for the extra features, that does not justify the cost. However, if you are not a geek, Remembear is a great choice for you. 

Unfortunately no Family or Business plans are present at the moment, so feel free to read our family and business password manager reviews.

Usability of RememBear

Score: 94/100
Usability 94%
Adding the Firefox Extension

The best thing about RememBear is how easy and intuitive to use it. Granted, there are not too many features available, but using this Password Manager is an absolute joy. Importing your passwords and login credentials from different browsers is super-easy and automated, the apps are beautiful, and filled with bear-related puns. The one thing we didn’t like is the inability to separate logins into different folders, or tag them, so if you have a lot of passwords, it’s hard to organize them. 

We applaud that Remembear gamified the tutorial, so you can score achievements, while learning how to use the app (Also, if you collect 5 achievements, you’ll get a significant discount on Remembear Premium!).

All in all, if folders and tags would be present, RememBear would score a Perfect 100. 

Support at RememBear

Score: 84/100
Support 84%

Support is not something Password Managers usually shine at. Remembear acts like other players in the industry. What this means is there is a knowledgehub, but besides that you can only contact support via email. The approximate response time is officially 48 hours, our tries resulted in answers arriving 2-3 hours after submission. Overall, Remembear fares better than the industry average. 

RememBear Review- Final Verdict

Remembear result: 4.37/5
Features 78%
Security 94%
Price 87%
Usability 94%
Support 84%

RememBear is not something for sophisticated users, but if you’re not tech savvy, it is an ideal choice for you – Very simple app and excellent user experience, combined with great security and a lot of bears, just for fun. 

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