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There are a lot of password managers out there, so it’s very hard to stand out – and it’s very hard to find a real gem when it comes to an overall combination of features, security and good pricing. We will find out in our Password Boss Review: Can it beat coveted and well-reviewed Companies like Dashlane, Roboform or Sticky Password? Let’s take a look.

Password Boss Features

Score: 93/100
Features 93%
We really liked the Secure browser feature of Password Boss

Password Boss has a lot of features, packed in a beautiful form. Besides the things we expect from Password Managers (Password Generator, Identity management, Security Check) It has some pretty unique features. 

Password Boss is currently available on PC-s, Macs, iOS and Android devices, and supports all popular browsers. The Add-on you install contains the password generator, which is easy to use. 

Password import is very easy, it automatically added all our login credentials on Firefox, without even clicking a button. We really liked that!

The secure notes section is expanded, and is very well organised – You can add anything from Alarm codes to subscriptions to Software licences – it is great to see that the app itself is that organized. 

Identity management is really easy, and the form filling works really well. 

There is a fairly unique feature: Password Boss offers a secure browser, so you can be sure that you check sensitive things in a safe environment (Banking websites, etc. ) A huge plus on that front!

Adding emergency contacts is also possible with Password Boss, and it works seamlessly. 

Multi-device sync is only allowed in the paid version, which is unfortunate, but not something we are overly concerned with – This is what most Password Managers do, so it does not stand out from the crowd from that aspect. 

Auto-login, Form filling are two features which are present, but not available in the free tier. That is something which we are not happy about, many password managers provide this in their free tier. 

The Security dashboard is great, and will be discussed more deeply in the next section. 

All in all, these features are great to have, and are packed in beautiful and easy to use apps – The only thing we miss is a secure cloud storage extension to the plan, and more features available in the free plan.

Password Boss Security

Score: 89/100
Security 89%
Very well organized Secure Note Section

AES-256 Encryption seems to be the standard for Password Managers – and Password Boss does not disappoint here either, it has the same security when it comes to this area. We are happy to note that Password Boss is a Zero-Knowledge provider, that means that you, and only you know your master password, so you have to remember this at all times – However, we find this as a huge plus. 

Password Boss also supports 2-Factor authentication, and supports Google Authenticator, Authy and other well-known software authenticators. We miss support for physical authenticators for Yubikey, a feature which Dashlane provides.Just to note : 2FA is only available on the paid tiers.

Secure browser is something very rare when dealing with a Password manager, but Password Boss Provides – This is very comforting for us to know. This is a patent pending solution which blocks malware, plugins and phishing attempts, so you can be sure that your browsing remains safe when checking your bank account.

The Security Dashboard is also very useful, and can be compared to Dashlane’s solution: Besides the usual password strength and reuse check, it scans the dark web for any compromised email addresses or passwords. The only thing we miss is the automatic password change, but that would be really too much to ask for. 

In this Password Boss Review, we are very satisfied with the security solutions the company has implemented to protect its users. 

Password Boss Price

Score: 90/100
Price 90%

Password Boss feels like a premium product, but the pricing is not in the premium category. 

There is a Free tier, which provides most of the features, but there is no multi-device sync, a feature which is missing for most Free tiers anyway, and also no formfilling, and autologin – so you’ll be better off with others, if you are not willing to pay. 

However, the paid tiers are very reasonable: For the personal plan, ($2.5 per month) You’ll get all the features, but if you are looking for a Family Plan, Password Boss is the best choice amongst all password managers. For $4 per month, 5 accounts can be added, with all of the features available. 

Business plans are reasonable too, $3 for the standard, and $4 for the premium service, with a plethora of extra features, including Audit logs and Active Directory Connector, plus advanced security policies. 

Usability of Password Boss

Score: 93/100
Usability 93%
Password boss automatically imported all our passwords – Awesome job!

We must say, using Password Boss was an excellent experience for us – The auto import, the look and feel of the apps, the Auto Logins, and multi-device sync all worked flawlessly, all the features as easily accessible, and Android and iOS apps also look great – We really liked the very advanced security dashboard as well.

Support at Password Boss

Score: 80/100
Support 90%

Support is something where most Password Managers fail: and in this Password Boss review…  it’s not their strongest point either. Don’t get us wrong: They have very good Starting Guides, a community forum and FAQ-s, and you can write an email as well (received response in 6 hours, so not the best, but not terrible either), but there is no live chat and no phone support – If there are low points of this product, it’s certainly in this area. 

Password Boss Review - Final Verdict

Password Boss Result: 4.45/5
Features 93%
Security 89%
Price 90%
Usability 93%
Support 80%

Password Boss is a secure password manager with lots of features, but most of these are not available in the free tier. However, if you are a Family user, we suggest Password Boss with all our hearts – It’s cheap, and has all the features available what you’ll ever want from a Password manager. Support for the product is not the best, but with the family pricing and features combined, it is a sure choice.

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