NordPass Review

The Privacy Heaven team was really looking forward to write the Nordpass Review. After all, NordVPN is one of our favourite VPN providers, and we had very high hopes that their Password Manager will be too. Let’s see whether Nord is off to a great start, or is their product lagging behind competition?

NordPass Features

Score: 75/100
Features 75%
NordPass import feature

NordPass is a very simple password manager, covering most of the must-have features (multi-device sync on the paid plans, autofill passwords, sharing items). However, this is simply not good enough on it’s own to stack up against the competition, especially in the paid area. Features like Assessing your ‘Security Score’, a built-in password generator (NordPass has a generator in its website, but that solution is not very user-friendly), and generic form-filling.

You can only submit Credit Card, Password and ‘notes’ details, which is a huge missed opportunity from Nord’s side.NordPass covers the critical features a password manager should, allowing you to share items, sync with multiple devices and autofill your browser search. However, a number of smaller features are missing, making NordPass feel like a lesser option compared to more established password managers.Business-features like Admin console, or layered access is also missing. It’s clear that Nord’s product has a long way to go, but if you’re using a Password Manager to … well, manage your passwords, it does the job.

This Password Manager is available on iOS and Android devices as a native app, for everything else, it’s browser extensions-based, but you have to download a ‘Silent app’ for Windows, Linux and Mac. Most of the popular browsers are supported.

2FA is available for the most popular providers (e.g. Google Authenticator).

NordPass Review - Security

Score: 92/100
Security 92%

Not too many details are known about the security of NordPass at this time, what we do know is the following: Instead of AES-256 (the industry standard), NordPass uses XChaCha20, which is considered superior. We also know, that NordPass is a Zero-Knowledge provider, so you , and only you know your Master Password. The exact implementation of these policies are not very-well documented (since Nord’s password manager is a very new product), but hopefully we will see some updates on this front. For what it’s worth, we think that based on Nord’s previous ventures (NordVPN and NordLocker) security shouldn’t be an issue, but for now… That’s all we know.

NordPass Price

Score: 80/100
Price 80%

Although well-hidden on the website, there is an option to use the app free. It has multi-device sync, but you can be only logged in on one device at the time. It can be found here. Nord Does not have family or enterprise versions of its product, so the only thing to decide whether you want to commit for a month, a year, or 2 years. The prices (especially the 2-year commitment) is reasonable, but there are better password managers for the same price or less. However, if you buy NordPass with NordVPN… Now that’s a sweet deal.

Usability of NordPass

Score: 94/100
Usability 94%
NordPass Secure note. Pretty plain.

We really liked Nord’s simple approach from the usability standpoint. The Apps and the browser extensions are super-simple, easy to use and pleasing to the eye. There were twothings however that we didn’t like: Importing Data from other sources always fall back to importing a csv manually at this point (no autoimport from Firefox, etc.). The second thing comes up when you have multiple logins on the same site – Nord does not handle this situation well. Overall, the apps look great, but we still have the half-baked experience. If you want a top-notch user experience, we suggest reading our Dashlane Review.

Support at Nord

Score: 70/100
Support 70%

As a new product, there’s not too much documentation about NordPass. You can request help via email, no chat or other options, and the knowledgehub is not filled to the brim with information. It will get better with time though (hopefully!).

Nordpass Review - Final Verdict

Nordpass Result: 4.11/5
Features 75%
Security 92%
Price 80%
Usability 94%
Support 70%

NordPass is off to a good start, but it’s half-baked at best. There are better free options, and better paid options available at the moment. However, If you are a fan of Nord, and need a Password manager, there is a bundle available for now! We’ll come back to NordPass month by month and check on the progress they make. In the meantime, we either suggest checking out our RememBear review if you are looking for a simple manager, or go with Dashlane, which scored first on our Overall scoring.

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