LastPass Review – Is it better than the rest?

LogMein is a well-established and well-known company. They are known for their business-oriented collaboration, management and identity products. One of them is LastPass, a well-established player in the Password Manager industry. So how is this app stacking up against the other top players? In this LastPass Review, we’ll find out! In the name of transparency, we would like to highlight that the links below that are redirecting to LastPass are affiliate links.

Lastpass Features

Score: 84/100
Features 84%

LastPass has a lot of features, but the most useful are in the paid tier (which is very reasonable, especially the family plan, but we’ll get there in time.) 

It has native apps for iOS, Android, Linux, Mac and Windows, but desktop apps are only available when you’re a premium user, with the free tier you have to use the browser extensions, which is fine, if you don’t need native app logins. 

LastPass has a password generator built in (which, believe it or not, is still a feature some Password Managers don’t have).

The Premium plan includes folder sharing, and Lastpass for applications (so you can log into iOS and Android and Desktop apps without copy-paste). 

Credit Card and Form informations can also be saved to autofill, along with several other type of secure notes. We really liked the abundance of options here. 

A really cool and needed feature is categorizing your entries – this way you can easily find what you’re looking for. 

LastPass also has a Security Dashboard, we’ll talk about it in the next section. 

All in all we would say that LastPass has a lot of features in the paid plan, but the free plan has multi-device sync, a feature that is omitted in most password managers’ free tiers.

LastPass Security

Score: 87/100
Security 99%
Lastpass Security Challenge highlights the password you might have issue with

When it comes to security, LastPass does not miss the mark: It uses 256-bit AES encryption, and data is transferred to LastPass over SSL. LastPass uses a zero-knowledge policy, so it’s only you who knows the password to unlock LastPass. This can be tricky if you lose or forget this master Password, but great for security. 

LastPass uses industry standard 256-bit AES encryption that would take billions upon billions of years to crack, even if every computer on the globe was working on it 24×7. Your information is encrypted at-rest with AES-256 and transferred to LastPass over SSL.

Lastpass also uses hashing to slow down brute force attacks (to be precise, 5000 rounds of PBKDF2 hashing to generate an encryption key). 

LastPass also supports 2FA (2-Factor authentication) with solutions like Google Authenticator, or LogmeIn’s own solution.

The Premium Plan also supports hardware keys like Yubikey. 

And, mentioned before, there’s the Security Dashboard, or as LastPass calls it, Security Challenge: It shows you your weak passwords, reused passwords, and suggests to change them if needed. 

We would say that the security features of LastPass are sound, however, it should be noted that there was a successful hack against it in 2015: Attackers were able to get into the servers, but no passwords were exposed. 

LastPass Price

Score: 90/100
Price 90%

LastPass has a couple of Price tiers available. For Personal use, the Free tier is available, the most important feature here is multi-device sync, but you’re missing out on native app logins, and a lot of other things the Premium service provides (for $3 per month, which is actually a great price!), these include One-to-many sharing,Emergency access,Advanced multi-factor options.Priority tech support, and 1GB encrypted file storage. 


With the Family Plan, you’ll get access to 6 premium Licences, and unlimited shared folders. All this for $4, which is a price very hard to beat. If you’re looking for a family account, we recommend LastPass at the first place. 


For Business users, you have Teams, Enterprise and Identity packages, for $4, $6 and $8 per user per month respectively, from Enterprise you’ll have SSO and Directory Integration available, Identity has Advanced Multi-factor Authentication as well. 

Usability of LastPass

Score: 94/100
Usability 94%
Lastpass Import function

Lastpass is a joy to use, when set up, we especially liked the mobile client. However, importing your passwords is a bit harder than with other Password managers, but once you’ve got everything in place, using it is a breeze. We really liked the categories and the notes section, Form fills and Password fills are not missing a bit (at least where we tested them), and the App login function is great to have. 

We also liked how LastPass handles site where you have multiple accounts, that’s again an issue happening with other Password Managers. 

All in all we would say that the experience is great. There is a bit of confusion with importing passwords from browsers (you have to install the native app first, then the browser addons), but otherwise, excellent!

Support at LastPass

Score: 77/100
Support 77%

Support is the weakest point of LastPass. LogmeIn offers a Knowledge Base, which is very hard to navigate, and there is a ticket support, which is 24/7, but the reality is that you’ll get replies after 48 hours. We miss the chat support feature (which Dashlane has, for example). 

There is a community forum available, and it’s okay-ish, we have the feeling that it’s a bit outdated. 

We would say that the support level is at the same quality as your regular password manager, but that’s not a compliment – It’s not good at all.

LastPass- Final Verdict

Dashlane Result: 4.32/5
Features 84%
Security 87%
Price 90%
Usability 94%
Support 77%

LastPass is a great Password Manager, and could be considered as a great option for those who are looking for Free solutions (although we still recommend Dashlane as our first choice), but if you are shopping for a Family plan, it’s one of (if not the) best options. 

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