Kaspersky Password Manager Review

Kaspersky is a huge company with a slew of products revolving around cybersecurity. In recent times, they have a hard time because of their Russian origins, so let’s see whether this shows or not: In our Kaspersky Password Manager Review, we will focus on Security, Price, Usability, Features and Support, as usual.

Kaspersky Password Manager Features

Score: 71/100
Features 71%
Only 15 entries supported in the free version.

Kaspersky is a very simple password manager, but has all the features which is essential and needed. It feels like an add-on, or extra product for their product line, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. 

You can store passwords, credit cards, notes and images, which is okay-ish, but other password managers (like Roboform or Dashlane) can store so much more. 

There is option to store access to your offline applications as well, which is a great feature, and a very rare one at password managers!

Kaspersky Password manager is available on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows, and have extensions for Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Edge, but no Linux client is available.     

Unfortunately there is no Secret Sharing option, so it won’t be your favourite Family Password manager. 

There is manual back-up available for the secrets. 

Kaspersky Password Manager Security

Score: 89/100
Security 89%
Simple Password Generator

Industry Standard AES-256 encryption. Enrypted data sent over an SSL/TLS channel. Great! What’s even better, is the Zero-knowledge model, which means that only you know your master password, not even Kaspersky. 

2FA (Two-factor-Authentication) is finally available at Kaspersky Password manager, it was a heavily requested feature, and in 2019, the company managed to include it to their product.  This adds an extra layer of security. 

Relating privacy, we don’t like the marketing push of Kaspersky – we understand that they have opportunity to upsell products, but it’s a bit intrusive. 

Kaspersky Password Manager Price

Score: 90/100
Price 90%

There are two options here, which is actually one: You can get  the free version of Kaspersky Password Manager, but that limits you to 15 entries, which is not generous at all. Upgrading to premium however would cost you only $14.99 per year, which is a great deal! So if you want a free password manager, either try out Dashlane, which has way more features, or go with Bitwarden and Lastpass. 

Usability of Kaspersky Password Manager

Score: 94/100
Usability 94%
Easy to understand entry forms

We really liked the user interface of Kaspersky Password Manager on mobile, and desktop as well.  They are simple, beautiful and effortless. 

There is an import feature from a set of other password managers, and browsers as well, the latter is not very common in othe password managers. 

What we really liked is that you can organize your passwords into folders, making it immensely easy to manage. 

All in all, we are very satisfied about the usability, and based on this, we would easily recommend Kaspersky Password Manager for those who need simple and easy-to-use solutions (among with Dashlane, Remembear and NordPass). 

Support at Kaspersky

Score: 70/100
Support 70%

We think that support is the weakest point of Kaspersky Password Manager. 

Since Kaspersky offers a wide range of products, navigating in their support sites is quite a hassle. It is a bit easier to check around the community forum, but that’s not ‘official help’ per se. 

If you are a premium user, you can request help via filling out a form, but there is no resolution time listed. 

All in all, our opinion is that Support is a bit worse than the average in this industry, and that’s not a high bar. That said, Kaspersky’s product is simple and easy to use, so you shouldn’t spend too much time with support.

Kaspersky Password Manager Review - Final Verdict

Kaspersky Result: 4.14/5
Features 71%
Security 89%
Price 90%
Usability 94%
Support 70%

If you’re looking for a simple and beautiful password manager, You should consider Kaspersky, but there are several other great options out there (including Dashlane and RememBear). If however you’re already using Kaspersky products, you could as well stay in that ecosystem.

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