Firefox Lockwise Review

FirefoX Lockwise ReviewMozilla has always been at the forefront of the safe internet experience. Firefox browser is one of the most popular web browsers in the world, but there are some additional Mozilla solutions which you might not know about. One of them is Firefox Lockwise, the new, cross platform password manager Mozilla developed from the browser’s own password manager. In this review, we’ll compare the app to market leaders like Dashlane, Roboform or LastPass, and see whether Mozilla lives up to its name.

Firefox Lockwise Features

Score: 63/100
Features 63%

We were also impressed with Mozilla’s efforts to make the web a safer ad better place, and it’s certainly commendable that they also came up with a standalone Password Manager app, which can be ‘taken anywhere’. However, regarding platform availability, we have some (mostly understandable) issues. Lockwise is natively integrated into the Firefox browser, and has apps for Android and iOS, You’ll have to use your Firefox account to use it. Also, you have to be logged in to at least 2 devices to make Lockwise active.

The main problem is the lack of standalone apps for Mac and PC, and more importantly, no extension for Chrome, Edge, Opera. While this is truly understandable, this means that users don’t get fully covered by Firefox Lockwise for all their devices and browsers.

The second problem is features:

While Lockwise serves as a good and secure password manager, it lacks extra and useful features other password managers have. For example if you are using the App, and not the firefox browser, form filling function does not exist. There is no secure storage built-in (although Mozilla has a Secure Send product, which is separate), and there is no native security checkup (Another product of Mozilla, separated from Lockwise). Our overall impression is that Lockwise currently is not much more useful as a standalone app then before, where it was integrated solely in the browser.  Other Password Managers (including Dashlane or Roboform) have features like secure storage, breach watch functions, form-filling, built-in VPN) all in their app.

Firefox Lockwise Review - Security

Score: 85/100
Security 85%

Firefox runs on a zero-knowledge model, and your passwords are encrypted withe AES-256-GCM encryption, this is pretty much the industry standard, it also uses PBKDF2 and HKDF with SHA-256 to secure your master password and username. The app and the browser has an integrated password generator, which is not as flexible as other providers similar solutions (e.g. Dashlane), it does the job, and it’s not intrusive. Lockwise does not have a continuous breach monitoring per se, but you can use Firefox Monitor to check whether your accounts are compromised through a data breach.

What is a huge plus with Lockwise is the following: Since it’s an open source software, everyone is free to inspect the code and look for vulnerabilities, and generally these software are considered to be more secure.This is something only very few password managers have (Bitwarden and Keepass).

Overall we would say that the security of Firefox Lockwise is decent.

Firefox Lockwise Review - Price

Score: 100/100
Price 100%

This is a very short section. Firefox Lockwise is free, and it will be free forever. That grants an automatic 100% rating!

Firefox Lockwise Review - Usability

Score: 80/100
Usability 80%

Since Firefox Lockwise is a fairly simple password manager app, the overall usability is decent, however we did experience some responsivity issues with app on Android and iOS as well. The main problem (as stated before), is that Lockwise is a barebone password manager, and password manager only.

Firefox Lockwise Review - Support

Score: 80/100
Usability 80%

Since Firefox Lockwise is a free product, you can’t expect phone or chat support, and email queries take a long time to be responded, however, due to the great Mozilla Community, you can easily use forums to get your answer. Our overall experience is mixed: You can’t expect fully-fledged support, and you won’t get any.

Firefox Lockwise - Final Verdict

Firefox Lockwise Result: 4.02/5
Features 63%
Security 85%
Price 100%
Usability 80%
Support 74%

Firefox is (by far) not the best password manager in the market. Granted, it is made by Mozilla, and since the product is fairly new in this form, we can expect some further developments, and true, if you are living in the Firefox ecosystem, it might be a good choice for you, but for everyone else, we suggest looking at our top password manager reviews.

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