Best Password Managers for Windows

If your main point of entry to the digital world is a Windows machine, it is essential to have a password manager which works seamlessly on Microsoft products. This includes seamless form and password filling, and native app logins as well. In this roundup, we have selected the Top 3 Password Managers for Windows, which we consider the best out of the the dozens of software we have tested.

Short on time? Here Are The Top 3:

If You are very curious and don’t want to read through our whole review, here are the top 3 choices amongst the Windows Password Managers we have tested.Just a hint – They are very similar to our Top Password Managers for Android Article.


Best Free Tier
$ 0
Free Tier Available
  • Patented Security
  • Zero-Knowledge protocol
  • Very intuitive to use
  • Password Changer
  • Form Filling
Best Overall


Best Option if you want a lot of features for a great price
$ 0
Free tier available
  • Extremely Good Form Filling
  • Packed with features
  • Zero-knowledge architecture
Second best

Sticky Password

Coveted developers
$ 0
Free tier available
  • Unique approach to security
  • Great form filler
  • Zero-knowledge architecture

What were we looking at, when selecting the Best Password Managers for Windows?

The Top 3 Password Managers for Windows: Detailed

The Best Overall Password Manager for Windows: Dashlane



Dashlane evaluation:

As in many other categories, Dashlane shines here as well – Their Windows client is impeccable, and if you would like to try it out, you can do so with a 30 day premium option for free. The user experience in windows is the best amongst the password managers we have tested, the only thing which could be counted as a con is the price, but with the bundled VPN, we are more than willing to shell out the money for this wonderful product.

Number 2 for Password Managers for Windows: Roboform



Roboform evaluation:

Even though Roboform has a better interface on Android devices, we were still blown away by the features it provided us from form-filling and managing identities to manage passwords and any type of secure notes. The windows UI of the native app is a bit out-of-date, but it’s not a big issue, especially if we take into account the very reasonable pricetag, and the abundance of features it provides.

Number 3 for Windows Password Managers: Sticky Password

Works on


Sticky Password evaluation:

We have realized that the Windows top 3 eerily resembles our Android top 3 Password manager list, but it is what it is, on other platforms there is a larger difference between the providers… Anyway, Sticky Password, made by a Czech Cybersecurity team has a very interesting approach to security (besides the Industry Standard encryption and Zero-Knowledge architecture) which you can read about in our In-Depth Review, and it also shines on Microsoft Windows platform as well, putting it into a solid top 3 position.

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Did you Know

That Dashlane's free version covers all your Password Manager needs... and it's free?

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