Abine Blur Review

Abine approaches online security from a different angle: Their product, Blur, is below average when we compare them to standard password managers, but can offer so much more when we look at security holistically, with many interesting and useful features. Let’s dive into this Abine Blur Review!

Abine Blur's Features

Score: 81/100
Features 81%

It’s not only about auto-filling passwords,credit card numbers and identities (which Blur does!) and keeping the login credentials secure, Blur goes beyond that in a way.

Blur Services

The main unique feature of Blur is Masking. What is Masking, you might ask: Blur can mask your email-addresses (which is included in the free plan), phone numbers and even credit cards – This is great, because you won’t expose your own data to third parties, and can quickly block e.g. your masked email address, when you recieve too much spam – Also, this is a great way of identifying which company is selling your data to other parties. 

Another great feature is the Tracker blocker. Since there are several entities are tracking you on your online journey, and you don’t necesseraly want them to. This is where this feature comes in, and does it’s job marvellously. 

While there is multi-device sync available, if your device is offline for some reason, you can’t really get access to your data, which is a bummer. 

You can backup your data with Dropbox, which is by itself not very good news, it is fully encrypted, so you should be safe. 

No password sharing and notes section is present in Blur, and that’s a huge minus for our side, then again, Blur contains several other very unique features, which are very useful. If you’re looking for a more conventional Password Manager with great features, we suggest checking out Dashlane.

Abine Blur Security

Score: 89/100
Security 89%

Security from an encryption point-of-view is matching other Password Managers: Blur uses AES-256 to encrypt your data, and sends it to Blur servers in encrypted forms – Blur will never see what is actually there – So it’s common Zero-knowledge protocol, and your master password is only known by you. However, if you forget your master password, there is one last hope: When registering, a backup phrase is generated, and this allows you to get restore your account. You should keep that backup phrase at a very safe place.

Masked emails are very useful.

Blur supports two-factor authentication as well (through Google Authenticator and similar), but no physical authenticators (like Yubikey).

The Masking features discussed before also count toward the overall security, and we applaud these features, this is the service which makes Blur stand out in a way from the competition. 

Abine Blur Price

Score: 90/100
Price 85%

There is not much confusion on the pricing side: 

Free Tier is obviously free, and has multi-device sync, but to get the most out of the app, you would need to go Premium:

Premium Basic costs $39 per year, and has almost all features (except for credit card masking, which is available on a fee-based solution), and Premium Unlimited, which costs $99 per year. The pricing model is not suitable for business users, but if you are an individual, we recommend the Premium basic package, which is in range of an average password manager.

Usability of Blur

Score: 80/100
Usability 80%
Tracking Blocker is easy to see in action

It’s a mixed bag. Blur on one hand has a very intuitive interface on the browser, but they have no separate and native app, which is a big no-no for us. Importing passwords is not very easy (CSV option is always there, but there is no quick browser import available). We liked the simple dashboard, but there is no way to segment your passwords into different categories, so it’s a hassle to browse through them. Password generator is awesome though. We have the generic feeling that the despite the clean interface, Blur’s experience is a bit outdated, hopefully it will be upgraded soon. 

Support at Blur

Score: 93/100
Support 93%

Support is great with Blur, because there is a chat option! You can ask generic questions, just avoid to be too technical. Email support also works, and there is a help center available, but the experience feels a bit dated. Despite all this, the Support level of Blur is one of the best we’ve seen at password managers. 

Abine Blur Review - Final Verdict

Abine Blur Result: 4.33/5
Features 81%
Security 89%
Price 90%
Usability 80%
Support 93%

Blur brings a fresh new view in online privacy and security, and their non-conventional approach to password and identity management. We would recommend Blur for individuals, but not for families and teams. 


Did you Know

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