1Password Review

1Password has been around a long while in the Password Manager space, and it has a good reputation historically. So our job here with this 1Password review is to find out whether it can keep up with the new kids on the block like Dashlane.

1Password's Features

Score: 91/100
Features 91%
All along the Watchtower…

When compared with others, 1Password has a lot of great features. Expected things (Like multi-device sync, Apps for iOS and Android, and Native apps or fully-fledged browser extensions) are also there. The disappointing thing is that 1Password does not have a free plan, however, you can get a 30-day trial, even without giving out any credit card details!

1Password has a lot of features when compared to other password managers. From the onset, you have multi-device sync, some amount of storage space and support for auto-fill on mobile devices. However, as we’ll discuss in the next section, 1Password doesn’t have a free plan so the features don’t seem quite as attractive.

There are several very useful and interesting features, one of them is auto-fill in supported apps on mobile devices, on iOS and Android as well. 

There is secure cloud storage available as well: 1 gbyte for personal and family plans, and business teams plans, 5 Gbyte above. 

Besides Passwords, you can enter several types of data, from credit cards to software licences. This means that you’ll surely find an entry type which is suitable for your needs. The documents and images which are hosted in these entries do not count towards your 1 or 5 Gbyte quota. 

1Password Watchtower is actually your security dashboard, which is pretty advanced, and tells you about your reused passwords, compromised accounts, weak logins, and so on. 

1Password Review - Security

Score: 90/100
Security 99%

256-bit AES encryption is something which most password managers use to store your passwords, and 1Password is not an exception, and your Data is encrypted locally with the same methodology and transferred over TLS/SSL.

1Password is also a zero-knowledge provider, that means that you, and only you know your 1Password Master Password, it is not stored by the provider. If you forget it, no one can help you!

2-Factor-Authentication support is present for 1Password.

There is a very interesting and unique feature for 1Password, and this is the secret key, a 128-bit key generated on your device and never touching 1Password servers – This is also unique and it cannot be recovered (although it can be regenerated!) 

1Password Price

Score: 83/100
Price 83%

1Password has several tiers, unfortunately, Free plan is not one of them, however you can subscribe for the personal account, and you can get 30 days of premium usage without adding your credit card – That said, if you are looking for a completely free solution, 1Password is out of the picture. 

Paid plans start at $2.99 per month for the Personal, and $4.99 for the Family editions, which is very close to the competition, however the Family edition has the extra benefit of adding extra family members when you go above the 5 persons which are included in the package, for a mere $1.00 per month. We think that for larger families, 1Password could be an ideal solution. 

Moving on to corporate plans, $3.99 for the Teams, and $7.99 per user per month for Business are a bit over industry average – The difference is the cloud storage size ( 1 Gbyte vs. 5 Gbytes), VIP support, and even more layers of security. We suggest to opt in for the more reasonably-priced Teams plan. 

Usability of 1Password

Score: 90/100
Usability 90%

The overall usability of 1Password is excellent: The Android, iOS and native clients + browser extensions are all very-well designed, easy to use, and easy to set-up. There is one thing we didn’t like: Password import cannot be done automatically, you have to resort to csv-s here.

The main big thing here is the Emergency Kit mentioned before, which you can print out and put it at a safe place . What it does is the following: 

This little kit has your sign-in address and your 128-bit secret key, along with a QR-code for automated input when you’re logging in from an unfamiliar device. It’s aim is to supplement or replace two-factor authentication. 

All in all, we would say that 1Passwords usability is great, and can be compared to the best password managers out there.

1Password Review - Support

Score: 82/100
Support 82%

We find 1Password’s support not as good as advertised – True, you’ll get VIP support for the Business Plan (not the Teams plan…), but if you’re not on that tier, you’ll have to resort to contacting 1Password through email, with an average response time of 27 hours (we checked!)

Other modes of support are the Help Center, the Community forum, and 1Password’s YouTube channel, all containing useful information. We would say that the level of support is slightly above average, but there are certainly better options out there. 

1Password Review - Final Verdict

1Password Result: 4.36/5
Features 91%
Security 90%
Price 83%
Usability 90%
Support 82%

1Password has a very good solution to keep your login credentials and other information safe. The absence of a free-tier is a huge issue, but if you are a family user (especially if you have a large family), or a small business, 1Password is amongst the very best out there.

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