Best Cheap Secure Cloud Storage Services

‘Cheapest’ and ‘free’ Cloud Storage – Might cost you a lot more than you’d expect

As we stated many times at – Nothing in life is free. Do you expect that a business offers you free services, and does not expect anything in return? Exactly! 

This is also true with cloud storage providers – some of them have free tiers, but these are either small (ranging from 5 Gbyte to 10 Gbyte), or severely missing some features which make it a really good service. And from our perspective : Many cloud service providers don’t focus on their efforts that much on security – And this is a key thing for everybody to think about – Would you keep your data in a place where it could be easily stolen?

So : If it’s too good to be true … it’s not true. 

Same goes to ‘lifetime’ subscriptions in some cases, where the seller is not a well established player in the field. You shell out hundreds of dollars, just to wake up one day to realize that all your precious data is lost forever, because the company went bankrupt, and shut down all their servers. 

Word of advice: We have collected some of the best cloud storage providers, put an emphasis on security, but be sure to read through the review to select the one which suits you the most. 

Basis of evaluation: 

We have extensively tested all of the providers, read through the documentations and checked the availability, speed, features, and security solutions. The results are our own educated opinions.

Top of The Top: The Cloud Storage Services

If You are very curious and don’t want to read through our whole review, here are the top 3 choices amongst the Secure Cloud Storages we tested:

Best Overall
$ 10
  • Zero Knowledge
  • Based in Canada
  • Very intuitive to use
  • Great for individuals and businesses too

Best Overall


Free tier available
$ 3
  • Available on Linux too
  • Online hard drive functionality
  • Easy to set up
  • Enhanced Privacy available
Second best


Blazing fast speed
$ 7
  • Flexible pricing for all needs
  • Any folder can be synced
  • Automatic backup function
  • Versatile link sharing
Third best

What were we looking at, when selecting the Best Cloud Storage Services

The Top 3 Cloud Storage Services Detailed

The Best Overall :

Works on

Third party APIs

Because of E2E encryption, no third party API-s

Pros evaluation:

Although a relatively new player in the field, is up to par with dropbox when it comes to syncing speed, and user experience, but what really sets them apart is Zero-knowledge security. This means does not know what your files contain, it’s only you, the user, and those who share the files with know the contents. Platformwise, they have clients and apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices, but unfortunately, not for Linux. For $10 a month, you’ll get an outstanding 3 TBytes of space, which is unbeatable. Also, there is a 30 days money-back guarantee!

Number 2 for Best Secure Cloud Storage: pCloud

Works on

Works with

Limited collaborative features, no 3rd party API



pCloud evaluation:

Also a relatively new player, pCloud has a free tier for users too, although it is a measly 20GB, however, their paid services are very reasonably priced, for competitors like Dropbox a Google Drive – $7.99 for 1 TB per month. You can also set this up as a cloud drive, which means that you don’t have to have your files available on your physical hard drive. The one thing we didn’t quite like is that you would need to pay a bit of extra for additional security features (pCloud Crypto)

If you’re a business, there is a business-tier too : for $49.95 per month, you will have space for 5 users, each having 1 TB storage. Each additional user will cost another $10.

pCloud is available for Mac, Windows and fortunately Linux too, and they also have apps for iOS and Android as well (They are really good, by the way).

Number 3 for Best Secure Cloud Storage : Sugarsync

Works on

Works with

Limited collaborative functions



Sugarsync evaluation:

Sugarsync is basically a service about syncing files and sharing them, but they also allow backup functions. What differentiates this service from e.g. Dropbox is that you can select any folder to back up, in contrast to only one folder, like other providers. Sugarsync starts at 7.49 USD per month, which is more expensive than dropbox, but it is well worth the extra money for this added flexibility. Available platforms include Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

As the name already suggests, SugarSync is a service focused on file synchronisation and sharing, yet they also allow users to run backup jobs in the background. What’s great about SugarSync is that they allow users to select any folder on a computer to be synced with their cloud, unlike Dropbox where customers need to choose one folder on their machines. SugarSync is available in many different flavors starting from 100 GB for 7.49 $/month. More expensive than Dropbox but well worth the extra money for the flexiblity.

SugarSync’s online file storage application is available for Windows and Mac and the usual suspects for mobile clients: Android and iOS.

Why Not a Free Cloud Storage provider?

These top secure cloud services provide the best all-round experience at the most reasonable monthly price.Even though there are plenty free cloud storage available on the market, there are several question regarding their security and privacy services. If your files are important to you, you should make sure that the place where you store them are secure enough as well.

How to get the best price?

It is very simple – the more you are willing to commit to, the less you pay on a monthly basis. We have the best deals available, and as you can see, in some cases, you could save up to 80% if you subscribe to a 3 year period.Please also beware: Some providers offer Lifetime subscriptions, but be sure that the company is trustworthy and does not disappear in 1 or 2 years.


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