Advertiser disclosure


Privacy Heaven is all about transparency. Your trust is very important to us, so we would like to be honest about how we earn money, and guide you through how we conduct reviews.

Every service we test goes through a rigorous, in-depth programme consinsting hours or even days by tech experts. This means that you can be sure that when we recommend a service, it is indeed great. We regularly update reviews, as new features come. If you want to contact us, you can do it here.


What you have to know:

So how do we earn money?

We receive fees for some of the providers we refer readers to. How it works is the following: If you click on a button or a link to take you to the Provider’s page, and purchase the product, we may receive compensation for referring a new user.

These fees are negotiated strictly after we have fully prepared our review, so money was not a factor when we have written the review. This compensation however may influence the order and the location these products appear on the site.

We trust you to trust us, that’s why we would like to be fully transparent about our business.

Are core value is to provide privacy advice to the masses, and this is our unshaken foundation.

Thank you!



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