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Firefox Lockwise Review

Mozilla has always been at the forefront of the safe internet experience. Firefox browser is one of the most popular web browsers in the world, but there are some additional Mozilla solutions which you might not know about. One of them is Firefox Lockwise, the new, cross platform password manager Mozilla developed from the browser’s own password manager. In this review, we’ll compare the app to market leaders like Dashlane, Roboform or LastPass, and see whether Mozilla lives up to

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Which Advanced Password Manager to use?

If you are looking for the password manager called ‘Advanced Password Manager’, please note that it has been audited by several companies, and classified as a potential unwanted software,  which usually comes bundled with other freeware downloaded. However, if you want to see some actual Advanced Password Managers, we have you covered! Dashlane – Great Free version, Full of features, and VPN included with premium plans. Dashlane is Privacy Heaven’s favourite password manager, and for good reason! It is a

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Bitwarden VS LastPass

Bitwarden vs Lastpass – The tale of two worlds Bitwarden and LastPass are both making waves in the Password Manager scene: Bitwarden is a relatively new, Open-source solution with a decent free and paid plan, while LastPass is one of the oldest players in the block with a very feature-rich but simple user interface. Let’s see how they battle it out. On thing to mention here: This article is a summary only, if you want to read the in-depth reviews,

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Bitwarden Review

Bitwarden is getting traction in the Password Manager world, because they are Open Source, and their free product covers a lot of features. We’ll look at this Password Manager to see whether these statements are true, and if so, how do they stack up against Dashlane, Roboform, or LastPass. As usual, we’ll examine this software in 5 areas: Features, Security, Useability, Price and Support. Let’s see how this Bitwarden Review pans out: Bitwarden’s Features Score: 90/100 Features 90% Bitwarden in

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Why Use a Password Manager?

According to eMarketer, people in the US spend approximately 6 and a half hours online per day, and the world average is also similar to this number. This is a staggering number – you are on the web for more than quarter of your life. What this also means is that while you shop, pay your utility bills, or log in to any of your online services, you have to enter your user credentials, fill out forms, and so on.

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Best Family Password Managers

If you have a large family, password management is a bit more complicated: You have shared accounts, Mom and dad doesn’t remember the password, and what happens if you need digital inheritance? We have selected the three password managers, which are the best suited to deal with Families. Mind you, there are several great password managers out there, and you might find a different Top list if you check out our generic Top Password Manager review, but here it goes!

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